HolyMate is a refreshing yerba mate ice tea, created by hackers in a church.
Where is HolyMate available?
HolyMate is currently only available at Hackalot, Eindhoven. If you happen to be nearby, while Hackalot is open, we encourage you to try this refreshing beverage.
How is HolyMate made?
HolyMate is currently handmade using only five ingredients, yerba mate, water, sugar, citric acid and carbon dioxide. The first step is to weigh all ingredients; the following recipe is per litre, and should be scaled linearly:
- 10 grams of Playadito yerba mate
- 45 grams of white sugar
- 1.08 grams of citric acid
- 500 mililitres of hot water (70 °C)
- 500 mililitres of ice cold water (0 °C)

Place the tea in a large tea bag, and let it steep in the hot water for 7 minutes while constantly agitating the mixture. The tea should become fairly dark. When the tea is done steeping, it should be removed from the mixture. Slowly dissolve the sugar and citric acid into the tea until there are no solid particles left. Filter the tea until all 'dust' is removed, a coffee filter will work but needs to be replaced frequently. Add the cold water to the tea, and optionally place it in a cold environment such as a refrigerator. Flush out the air using carbon dioxide, and leave the container pressurised with carbon dioxide at 2 bar overnight.
If you want the drink to look more like other, similar fizzy mate-based ice-tea, dissolve 0.1 grams of caramel brown (E150A) per liter into the tea after steeping

We kindly request that you to use a different branding (logo and name) if you decide to create HolyMate yourself.
What does HolyMate cost?
HolyMate is currently sold at €0.50 for a glass of 250ml. There is also an option to fill a bottle with 500ml for €1.00. These prices are subject to change.